TRU Zip is the first-ever sliding, toothless, silent, dustproof, waterproof, and submersible complete zipper assembly on the market. By blending ease-of-use, strength, and durability in a complete zipper profile, TRU Zip introduces an intuitive zipper assembly with an IP67 waterproof/dustproof rating. Engineered to require less force to pull, the toothless zipper glides smoothly and silently. And if at any time the zipper separates from the rails while being pulled, its self-healing properties allow a user to simply slide the zipper back to realign.

The extruded TPU profile uses an interlocking extruded ball-and-socket rail design that secures into an overmolded garage for a confident seal you can feel. By offering a fully waterproof, self-contained zipper assembly, TRU Zip makes it simple and cost-efficient to incorporate reliable zipper protection into a variety of products.

Use: To close TRU Zip, move slider slowly and pull firmly to lock into zipper end-stop garage. If the slider is not fully sealed, the zipper will not provide optimal performance and protection.

Storage: Store flat with zipper fully closed.

Maintenance: Lubricate zipper after cleaning, before prolonged storage, or to improve zipper performance. Distribute liquid zipper lubricant along all zipper surfaces, then slide zipper multiple times. Wipe away any excess lubricant with a clean dry cloth.

  • Recommended Industrial Lubricants for Manufacturers: We recommend McGee Industries McLube 1829 for lubricant in the manufacturing process.
  • Recommended Lubricants for Consumers: TRU Zip High Performance Lubricant Wipes.

*Lubricants are approved for TRU Zip material only. Be mindful of surrounding areas as lubricant may cause damage to product if sprayed directly (depending on final materials used in application)

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Yes it is, and it’s about time. Zippers of the past have always been one-note, offering little innovation or protection. TRU Zip has been tested to a rating of IP67, offering complete dust protection and full submersion in up to 1M of water for up to 30 minutes.

Yes, yes it does. This isn’t a typical “press and seal” zipper. The extruded zipper rails are designed to use both mechanical and vacuum forces to create a powerful seal that is highly resistant to shearing and separating forces. By using an extruded ball-and-socket zipper design, the male and female rails “lock” together. We’ve bear hugged, squeezed, and stood on waterproof bags using TRU Zip without the rails separating. So, yes, TRU Zip is TRUly strong.

The TRU Zip design has the added benefit of being self-healing, meaning that even if the rails are separated between the end stop and the slider, a user can simply pull the slider back toward the end stop and the zipper will be ready for normal use.

TRU Zip vs. rolltop designs: TRU Zip’s sliding puller is quick, simple, and easy to use while offering superior waterproof protection.

TRU Zip vs. toothed zipper designs: Toothed zippers can be difficult to pull and have teeth that are vulnerable to damage and can snag on fabric. TRU Zip is engineered to be silent, require less pulling force, and be self-healing. Should the zipper separate for any reason, simply slide the zipper to realign.

TRU Zip vs. press-to-seal closures: TRU Zip’s pull-to-close design combines the intuitive operation of traditional zippers with leading-edge protection. To close TRU Zip, simply secure the slider into the durable overmolded garage for a confident closure that lets you know the entire zipper assembly is sealed.

The short answer is just about anywhere. The waterproof and dustproof design is perfect for everything from protecting gear from the elements to construction sites and medical applications. Contact us to find out what TRU can do for you.

Many designers and brands like to have their own custom pullers, so we do not include a puller. TRU Zip requires a floating puller to be used. Girth hitch pullers are not allowed.